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Brand Advocacy part 4: Don’t forget your roadies

This article in our series about Brand Advocacy considers how vital your people are to creating customer loyalty and the importance of having a solid vision and set of values at the heart of your business.

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Don’t forget your roadies
Generating customer loyalty must be seen as a philosophy and not just a technique. And this is where your people are vital to success, often on the front line dealing with your customers.

So what better way to start on the road to brand advocacy by having a bunch of brand ambassadors working for you?

Those brands that have a clear vision at their heart, acting as the foundation and inspiration for its people, create more brand ambassadors.

A business vision is usually defined by a passionate and articulate leader who makes it their priority to clearly and consistency communicate it. But above all the vision needs to be accessible and understood by everyone in the business.

A great example of visionary leadership is Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. We know that this example has been used before, but through his guidance and vision the company has developed into one of the most inspirational and demanded brands in the world.

The best brands also have a clear set of values. Values define an organisation’s people and culture. They are the foundations of a business, guiding all thoughts and actions of its people while empowering them to communicate and make decisions without fear of reprisals.

It is vital that employees buy into these values and ‘live the brand’. Significant damage can be done to a brand’s reputation if customers perceive inconsistencies in what the company is outwardly communicating compared to what they are actually experiencing.

Strong brands should be like trusted friends – consistent in their strength and the quality of relationship they have with their customers. Companies develop. Products change. But the constant must always be the vision and values of a business.

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