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Brand Advocacy part 1: Showaddywaddy were wrong!

It may seem a little strange mentioning a pop group who found fame in the 1970s when talking about achieving customer advocacy.

Those of you who remember the band will recall one of their most famous hits – Three Steps to Heaven. Originally a hit for Eddie Cochran in 1960s, the chorus goes like this:

Step 1 – you find a girl to love…
Step 2 – she falls in love with you…
Step 3 – you kiss and hold her tightly!

Now Showaddywaddy were singing about falling in love with a girl. But when it comes to customer advocacy, we are actually talking about your customers literally falling in love with you (with or without the hugs and kisses – depends on what type of business you are!)

Achieving customer advocacy is a big deal and the Holy Grail in the marketing world. Why? Because those who brandish the most influence on your prospective customers are those that have already bought from you i.e. other customers who you’ve solved a problem for. And if you have solved a pain for them then they are more inclined to tell others what a great job you’ve done.

There are loads of customer lifecycle models and diagrams out there all with different steps leading up to the ultimate achievement – brand advocacy. But here's our take on it.


So there are in fact five steps to heaven and not the three according to Showaddywaddy. And each step requires a different approach to marketing communications, which we’ll be covering in future blogs.

However, our next article about Brand Advocacy will take a look at a simple model to help turn one-off purchasers into loyal, committed and repeat fans.

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