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People develop strong loyalties to brands. They trust them, buy from them and come back for more while at all times believing in their superiority.

Brands lift companies from obscurity to positions of prominence. They help to establish business direction and understanding and they significantly improve the customer experience by inspiring employees to deliver on the brand’s promise.

We not only help build and refresh brands we also manage and develop them with the future in mind, making them efficient, recognisable and stronger.

We work from a tried and tested methodology to develop brand identities. One that has been developed to make sure that the brands we create stand out and are positioned in line with a core set of brand values. 

We can help in the following areas:

Brand auditing

By looking at the overall brand and its touchpoints a better understanding for what is working and what isn't will be identified. It will unearth any potential issues and areas that need addressing as well as providing an insight into the full scope of any development.

Research & analysis

Understanding attitudes, perceptions and buying behaviour will help you to engage and often identifies opportunities for growth. Interpretation of research data is key to clarifying your future direction and provides a solid platform for success.

Brand positioning

Key to how your brand wants to be perceived is making sure that it's positioned in the right way. We will work closely with you to define your vision, a set of values and a proposition that will differentiate your brand. 

Brand nomenclature

Product and brand names, and how they work as a hierachy, play a fundamental role in clarifying a brand's strategic position. They also provide a strong platform for growth and an opportunity to stand out in a world full of me too brands.

Brand identity

A brand is so much more than a logo. It's made up of several core elements that come together to create the look and feel. By developing an identity that is aligned to the strategic positioning, we can help set the foundations for achieving the vision of the brand.

Brand management

Defining how the brand identity is implemented and mangaged through the development of a brand guidelines document will achieve consistent application and lead to improved brand recognition and equity.

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