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Salford City Council

The brief:

Salford Community Leisure, part of Salford City Council is responsible for the education of the people of Salford about the importance of healthy living and encouraging participation in beneficial recreation.

Their brief to us was simple - to raise maximum awareness of the health benefits of exercise with residents of the City of Salford. The key issues were how to engage with a diverse target audience and to identify the best way to motivate people to get involved in beneficial recreation.

What we did:

Early on we identified that residents being told to ‘get off your bums and exercise’ was not going to cut it. So we developed evocative messaging, such as ‘on your bike’, ‘push off’ and ‘take a walk’ aimed at those people who always have an excuse.

This messaging was then applied to relevant media including car livery, bus adverts, a website and flyers. The call to action was to receive a free leisure pass by text or download a voucher from the website.

Real results:

The campaign achieved a 1500% increase in enquiries compared to previous campaigns. Maximum opportunities to see and a subsequent increase in brand awareness was achieved and messages were well received by residents resulting in a significant increase in people undertaking exercise. The best use of a limited budget was made to ensure maximum return on investment.

Client comment:

“The team brought an edge to our message with a fresh and innovative approach to communicating with our residents that has taken awareness to the next level.”

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