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Gin Gliders

The brief:

Gin Gliders Inc was created in 1998 by paraglider designer and world-class competition pilot Gin Seok Song. The company is one of the market leaders and supplies its innovative range of gliders and flying accessories to beginners, experts and professionals alike across the globe.

It has grown considerably since it was established, predominantly due to its success in international paragliding competitions and reputation for quality, safety and innovation. They were keen to maintain momentum behind its success and approached us to revitalise their brand identity.

What we did:

The core objectives were to maintain its reputation by clearly positioning it as a market leader, while also achieving differentiation in what is a highly competitive market.

Working closely with their senior management team including their head of marketing and Gin himself, the first thing we did was to run a workshop to undertake an audit of the company, its products, services and to understand its ethos and approach. In addition, we needed to build sound intelligence on its area of operation including the market opportunity, key territories, competitors, target audiences and key messages.

The next phase was to further develop their strategic positioning including core proposition, mission, vision, strapline and a clear set of values and record all pertinent information in a creative brief. This was vital in order to inform the brand identity refresh.

Based on the information in the creative brief we then set about refreshing their brand identity and recording the various elements in a brand guidelines document including logo use and misuse, typography, colour palette, photography and application examples. Subsequently, we’ve supported Gin Gliders as they have then used the guidelines to refresh their brand engagement materials using their in-house resources.

Client comment:

“The guys at Through were responsive and easy to deal with offering us their opinions and recommendations at all times. They were not afraid to question us and push-back in order to deliver the best possible result which is a revitalised brand identity that will allow us to build on our past achievements and gives us a strong platform for future success.”


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